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Cubing is getting more and more popular and more and more puzzles and shops appear which is getting quite confusing. This independent website by cube enthusiasts aims to inform about the best cubes and other twisty puzzles and to help with these common questions:

Unfortunately... There is no best cube!

At least not in the sense that there's one cube that's best for everyone. Different people have different turning styles and like different cubes. And different cubes have different advantages. One person can hate the same cube that another person loves. There's no single cube that's best for everybody. It's all personal preference and which cube is best for *you*, only you yourself can tell.

But if you're a beginner and have no clue, I suggest you get a Dayan GuHong and a Dayan ZhanChi. They are very good, come ready to play (if you buy them assembled) and currently are the most popular cubes.

This site focuses on speedsolving and aims to cover the best cubes and twisty puzzles in terms of mechanical quality, availability, and how interesting a puzzle is to solve. So...

For variations and exotic or rare puzzles, check out the museum and forum of