Note: I'm aware the database is currently broken (looks like my old host deleted it... again) and the data isn't up to date. I have now moved (on March 24, 2012) to a better host and will fix and update.


This site is created by me, Stefan Pochmann (homepage, WCA profile, contact). I started cubing in 1982 and since 2003 I've been a serious speedcuber and quite active in the worldwide cubing community.

Cubing is growing fast and the puzzle market has become somewhat confusing, particularly for beginners who are easily overwhelmed by the possibilities. Inevitably, the forums see countless threads of beginners asking the same question: What cube should I get? Equally inevitably, they're bombarded with different opinions or flamed for asking the question. Because of all this and because I like building websites, I decided a while ago to build this one in order to have a nice and competent place to inform about the puzzles. There have been attempts in the form of forum threads or wikis, but I find none of them satisfying for several reasons, mainly lack of or flawed functionality, getting out of date, and being limited to a particular forum/community. I do believe it's better to have an independent dedicated website using a proper database and flexible views accessing it, with a lot of automatism to make maintenance easy and ensure the information stays up to date. To make it a success, I'll need the support of the community. Well, let's see. At least I want to give it my best shot.


So far mainly me. Jason Ink (iSpinz) provided some photos, Daniel Ho (daniel0731ex) and Chester Lian (blah) helped with Asian stuff, and of course I gathered a lot of information from others (forums/wiki/youtube/etc).


Here's a rough plan of how I intend to progress. Currently I'm in stage 2:


Like stated in the introduction, different people like different cubes and no single cube is best for everybody. And different cubes have different advantages and disadvantages. One cube might be very smooth but pop easily, another might be less smooth but also pop less. That's why, once I'm satisfied with the amount and accuracy of data, I'll add a rating system allowing people to rate their cubes. Overall as well as concerning different aspects like smoothness and popping.

There have been "best cube" polls and rating threads before, but I find them all flawed. Pretty much nobody has all cubes, so polls tell more about how many people have a certain cube rather than how good it is. Also, assuming a rating from 0-10, one person might tend to rate inside the 8-10 range while another might be more moderate and rate around 2-8. But then their ratings aren't comparable. Finally, the rating threads I've seen are out of date because people don't or can't update their ratings or because manual combination is necessary but is error-prone and takes effort.

Here, I want to do it differently. You'll be able to rate your cubes and update your ratings easily. I intend to somewhat normalize all ratings to minimize the effects of people not having all cubes or tending to rate in different ranges, though likely I'll show the normalized ratings in addition to the more raw averages. The whole process will use a proper database and be automated as much as possible so I don't have to do any work to keep the statistics up to date. The system will do that, fueled by the users entering their ratings. I haven't fully decided yet exactly how I will combine the ratings, but I have some idea and I'll collaborate with others to make it as meaningful as possible. Likely I'll also offer an anonymized export of the ratings data for others to check out.

Last but not least, I hope the easy domain name, dedicated website, amount of information and functionality will give people confidence in this project and motivation to participate and make it a success.